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The All-in-One Deal – ONLY $200 for all five courses

Want to jumpstart your non-profit with ALL the information on offer?  This one is for you!  With a 20% savings, you get access to all our course modules including:

  • Course 1: Starting Your Own Non-Profit
  • Course 2: Fundraising for Beginners
  • Course 3: Grant Writing Basics
  • Course 4: Web Development Tips and Tricks
  • Course 5: Jumpstarting Your Social Media

Sign up today! Price: $200

Individual Courses – $50/each

Starting Your Non-Profit

Got a great idea for giving back to those in need but not sure how to get started? Join us as we explore the basics of non-profit startups, from just what exactly a non-profit is to forming a board of directors, drafting your by-laws, and filing that tricky 501(c)3 paperwork. We’ve got the non-profit startup guidebook you’ve been looking for!

Fundraising for Beginners

Donations make non-profit dreams possible, but how do you get them?  We’re giving you a primer on the five-part fundraising cycle, how to go about “the big ask,” and developing a strategy for thanking donors and sponsors that will keep them giving for years to come.  Fundraising isn’t scary—it’s actually FUN!

Grant Writing Basics

Grants.  Are they the golden ticket to non-profit success? They can be.  All it takes is a little know-how and a lot of proofreading!  Join us as we learn to research grant opportunities, draft proposals, compile budgets, and navigate the world of online application systems.  Let’s get your biggest wishes GRANTed, starting now!

Non-profit Website Tips and Tricks

These days, a great website is an essential of every non-profit’s identity, but it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive.  Learn how to get your site up and running cheaply and easily, simple ways to make your site stand out from the pack, and some basics of content design that will ensure you’re getting hits from the get-go. 

Jumpstarting Your Social Media

You have passion – now it’s time to share it. Let’s get social on social media! Capture the crowds with a smart social media strategy that pulls in followers, builds likes, and creates community knowledge about and support for your mission.  Plus, we know all about how to set up a social media fundraiser—and we’re ready to share! Join us.